List of papers accepted at FMOODS-FORTE 2011 (in no particular order)

  • Bettina Braitling, Ralf Wimmer, Bernd Becker, Nils Jansen and Erika Abraham. Counterexample Generation for Markov Chains using SMT-based Bounded Model Checking
  • Marco Patrignani, Dave Clarke and Davide Sangiorgi. Ownership Types for the Join Calculus
  • Patrizia Asirelli, Maurice H. Ter Beek, Alessandro Fantechi and Stefania Gnesi. A model-checking tool for families of services
  • Gabriel Kalyon, Tristan Le Gall, Hervé Marchand and Thierry Massart. Global State Estimates for Distributed Systems
  • Tianxiang Lu, Stephan Merz and Christoph Weidenbach. Towards Verication of the Pastry Routing Protocol using TLA+
  • Mario Bravetti, Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Perez and Gianluigi Zavattaro. Adaptable Processes (Extended Abstract)
  • Vidar Slåtten and Peter Herrmann. Contracts for Multi-Instance UML Activities
  • Anduo Wang, Carolyn Talcott, Limin Jia, Boon Thau Loo and Andre Scedrov. Analyzing BGP Instances in Maude
  • Yuxin Deng, Stephane Grumbach and Jean-Francois Monin. A Framework for Verifying Data-Centric Protocols
  • Elena Giachino and Cosimo Laneve. Analysis of deadlocks in object groups
  • Jonathan Bogdoll, Luis María Ferrer Fioriti, Arnd Hartmanns and Holger Hermanns. Partial Order Methods for Statistical Model Checking and Simulation
  • John Derrick and Eerke Boiten. Relational Concurrent Refinement: timed refinement
  • Frédéric Vogels, Bart Jacobs, Frank Piessens and Jan Smans. Annotation inference for separation logic based
  • Lucia Acciai, Michele Boreale and Rocco De Nicola. Linear-time and may-testing in a probabilistic reactive setting
  • Martin Quinson, Cristián Rosa and Stephan Merz. SimGrid MC: Verification Support for a Multi-API Simulation Platform
  • Dimitrios Kouzapas, Nobuko Yoshida and Kohei Honda. On Asynchronous Session Semantics
  • Dimitrios Kouzapas and Anna Philippou. A Process Calculus for Dynamic Networks
  • María Martos-Salgado and Fernando Rosa-Velardo. Dynamic soundness in Resource-Constrained Workflow Nets
  • Sophie Quinton, Susanne Graf and Doron Peled. Monitoring Distributed Systems using Knowkledge
  • Severine Fratani and Jean-Marc Talbot. An Accurate Type System for Information Flow in Presence of Arrays
  • Piotr Filipiuk, Michał Terepeta, Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson. Galois Connections for Flow Algebras
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